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        Company Profile

        Company Profile

        Fuzhou Zhongfu Water Meter Co., Ltd. (formerly Fuzhou Water Meter Factory) was founded in 1956. It is an export-oriented export-oriented enterprise and the first company in China's water meter industry with self-support import and export rights. There are more than 200 employees in the whole factory and more than 50 professionals. The factory covers an area of ??13,257 square meters, and the factory building area is 18,588 square meters. The factory is located in the prosperous area of ??Fuzhou, with convenient transportation.


        The factory introduces the water meter manufacturing technology and some equipment and molds of German BR company. It adopts ISO4064 international standard 15-200mm magnetic transmission dry type, rotor wet type, 20 series, 75 kinds of specifications cold water meter and hot water meter. With an annual output of 1.5 million units, the products have been awarded the Fujian Provincial Quality Product Honorary Certificate by the Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Product Quality Stability Certificate of the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Metrology.

        The factory has more than 20 years of export history, the products are sold to more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Middle East and Europe, and have water meter assembly in the Philippines and Indonesia. plant.


        The factory has 140 main equipments. Since 1986, it has introduced advanced injection molding equipment from German BR company, Swiss injection molding machine, word wheel printing machine and Swiss upper splint thermal printing machine. In 1991, the third phase of technical transformation was carried out. A new automatic computer controlled injection molding machine has been added, and now there are more than 50 injection molding equipment, and the injection molding capacity is 2,500 grams. Water meter case electrostatic powder coating production line, CNC electric spark, CNC wire cutting machine, precision lathe and other equipment, as well as various specifications of high-precision metering machine, 70 series of pressing machines. The factory is equipped with a meter, equipped with precision meter test equipment, universal tool microscope, length measuring instrument, projector, Tesla meter, standard container, and established the highest standard of length, pressure and flow. The factory has a power supply of t765KVA, and it also has its own power supply. The daily water supply capacity is 2520T, and the daily gas supply capacity is 13392m.

        After introducing the West Germany water meter manufacturing technology and key equipment, the factory strives to innovate in product structure, process method and material formulation, and makes new breakthroughs in water meter performance and structure. It has developed a universal unified movement LXLG (WPH) series and WS. Series DN50 200mm water meter, LXSG series DN15-40mm dry water meter, single flow dry water meter. The company adopts the ISO4064 standard and establishes the ISO9001 quality assurance system.